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Living Light

By May 11, 2011

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Glowing light

Standing on a pier at the edge of a Puerto Rican lagoon, I reached out toward the dark water below me with a long wooden stick. The moment my stick hit the water, streaks of light flashed across the darkness. I swirled the stick around, drawing various shapes with light in the water and marveling at the fact that tiny living creatures called dinoflagellates (a type of plankton) lit up every time they sensed movement in the water. Their living light -- bioluminescence -- shed new light (pun intended) on God's creativity for me.

Just like some other living creatures that light up naturally, such as fireflies, the plankton reflected the creative mind of their maker and helped me see God's creativity in fresh ways. And the experience of drawing with living light was so exciting that I couldn't help but be drawn toward God for making it possible.

God's messengers, angels, also emanate light -- and plenty of it, report people who have seen angels appear in heavenly form. Those who have been blessed by angel encounters often describe the angels they saw as beings of light.

That way of describing angels came alive to me that night as I drew with light in dark water. The physical light I set in motion revealed what had previously been hidden, such as large fish swimming underneath the lagoon's surface that I could see only when the plankton lit up around them. Similarly, angels' light can reveal spiritual knowledge that had been hidden before they came on their God-given missions to help people.

Life in this world can often be dark. But when we're surrounded by darkness, we can remember that living light is actually all around us. We're surrounded by angels, and even though we don't usually see them, they're still there, filled with the light of God's love that no amount of darkness can prevent us from discovering.

We just have to be willing to reach out through the darkness for the divine. Seeking God and his angels can be like reaching out a long wooden stick and poking around in dark water, hoping to see some light in response. But when we seek the light of love, I believe that we'll always find enough to light our way.

Photo NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, public domain

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