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Music in Heaven

By July 16, 2011

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music in heavenArchangel Sandalphon is known as the angel who rules over music in heaven. I wonder what styles of music he helps orchestrate.

If Sandalphon's musical playlist reads anything like the guide to satellite radio channels that I have in my car, it's a bit overwhelming. All the standard musical styles are featured: classical, jazz, country, rock, and pop. More nuanced offerings include Broadway show tunes, New Age spa music, bluegrass, heavy metal, reggae, rap, and electronica. Then there are the channels that play the music of individual cultures (from Latin to Asian), plus those that specialize in music from a certain era (from 1940s big band to 1970s disco).

Since all the souls in heaven will worship together, maybe Sandalphon leads them in singing and playing instruments. I suspect that the people and angels who worship through music in heaven do more than just plucking harps and blasting trumpets, as they traditionally do in art. Their music is likely beyond anything I can imagine.

Some people speculate that heavenly music might sound like energy vibrating. Wow -- try playing that on satellite radio!

What do you think music is like in heaven? Visit our forum to discuss it!

Photo Wolfgang Sauber, of the fresco "Music-making Angels" in Scheffau parish church, Austria

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