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Francis ofSaint Francis of Assisi spent only 45 years on Earth. But despite his brief lifetime, he changed the world for the better in ways that continue to have an impact today -- even nearly 800 years after his death.

Francis started the Franciscan Order, a part of the Catholic church that helps the world's poor and sick people in powerful ways. He became known as the patron saint of animals, and stories of his compassion toward them still inspire many people to take good care of animals today. Francis even began two of the world's most cherished Christmas traditions: caroling and nativity scenes. And of course, Francis is known for the miracles people say that God performed through him.

How could just one man influence the world so powerfully? The same way that you and I can.

Francis believed that anything is possible with God, and he consistently chose to step away from selfish pursuits and step toward where God was leading him to serve others. As a result, I believe that God's power worked through Francis to make it possible for him to change the world.

That kind of influence is possible for every soul on this planet, including you and me. So don't limit yourself by neglecting to seek God's guidance or hesitating to follow where God leads you. God has great purposes for your life, and if you commit yourself to discovering and fulfilling them, you can actually can change the world for the better in significant and lasting ways. Let Francis of Assisi's life inspire you in the process!

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