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Let it Go

By September 30, 2011

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sad and angry coupleI don't enjoy feeling sad or angry, and I'm sure you don't, either! People tend to think of feelings like sorrow and anger as negative emotions, but they don't necessarily have to be negative. Angels remind us that it's possible to feel sorrow and anger in healthy ways.

Angels aren't mired in sin, as we are in this fallen world. That frees angels up to express their emotions in the pure ways that God intends. When angels are sad or angry, they can simply be honest about their feelings without using those feelings to hurt others.

Angels don't worry about trying to suppress or hide their emotions like people sometimes do, because they know that God understands and cares about what they're feeling. They show us how to honestly express our feelings.

Once angels have expressed their emotions, though, they let them go, trusting that God will help them with whatever lies ahead. Rather than holding onto the sorrow and anger that they experience, angels feel those emotions fully in the moment, but then move on to whatever else God has for them.

We human beings are the ones who sometimes let sorrow and anger linger until those emotions turn into negative forces -- like shame, bitterness, and rage -- that can hurt ourselves and other people.

Let's take a cue from the angels the next time we're feeling sad or angry. There's nothing wrong with being honest about those emotions, but when it comes time to move on, let's let go and choose to trust God with what's ahead for us.

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