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Always More to Learn

By October 27, 2011

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NDE tunnelEven though people have described temporarily leaving their bodies and entering a spiritual realm throughout recorded history, it has only been fairly recently -- in the 1970s -- that the term "near-death experiences" was coined to describe those events. Since the publication of Dr. Raymond A. Moody's groundbreaking research into the phenomenon in 1975, near-death experiences have been a popular topic to study, and much has been written about exploring them.

Some people say that near-death experiences are miraculous spiritual windows on the afterlife that people can look through and learn from so they can change their lives for the better.

Others say that near-death experiences are illusions produced by dying brains going haywire.

The new article "Near-Death Experiences: Miracles or Illusions?" looks at that debate.

Personally, I definitely believe that near-death experiences are real spiritual events. But I'm cautious about speculating what they might mean, and I'm wary of people who have never experienced one, yet either dismiss the phenomenon or claim to have it all figured out.

We didn't give ourselves life and we can't prevent ourselves from dying, so how can we claim to know everything there is to know about life and death?

Near-death experiences remind us that there's always more to learn about both spirituality and science -- and the two can complement each other well when we're seeking the truth about a world that's much bigger than us.

I hope the research into this exciting field continues in earnest and inspires us all to think in fresh ways about how best to use the valuable time we've been given before we die.

On another note, I've just posted a new article about the popular angel Christmas song 'Angels From the Realms of Glory.' Hope you enjoy!

Have you had a near-death experience that you consider to be miraculous? If so, share your story with our community in our forum, or send your story to me at angels.guide@about.com to be posted in our site's "Your Miraculous Experiences" category!

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