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Angels on Trees

By December 3, 2011

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angel ornamentHope you enjoy the new article about "The History of Christmas Tree Angels."

It's interesting to consider the huge variety of angels that people use to decorate their Christmas trees. They range from elegant to comical.

Our family has a few delicate glass or gold-dipped angels that must be placed on the tree with care so they don't break. But, once there, they look wonderfully elegant.

We also have some comical angels that are the result of well-intentioned craft projects that didn't turn out well -- like an angel with a clothespin for the body whose smile (which I drew as a child with a red marker) looks more sinister than joyous because my hands shook when I drew it.

It was interesting for me to learn while researching the article that some of the first angel ornaments for Christmas trees were cookies. I remember a late relative who used to bake angel cookies and place them on the tree for us children to discover, pull off, and eat on Christmas Day. It was lots of fun, except that I always felt awkward biting off the head or wings and kept reminding myself that it was just a cookie.

What kinds of angel ornaments are you using to decorate your Christmas tree this year? Do you have a favorite angel ornament, and if so, why do you like that one best? Visit our forum to share your stories!

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