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Angel Genders

By February 8, 2012

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girl and boy angelsDo angels have genders? The new article "Are Angels Male or Female?" explores that topic.

The various ideas that people have about angel genders are fascinating, but I think it's most likely that angels don't have genders at all while they're in heaven. The concept of genders is an earthly one, and since angels don't reproduce like human beings do, they don't really need to be either male or female.

I think angels who are preparing to visit Earth try on a specific gender, in the same way that they choose a specific form to appear in for each mission to Earth. They may show up as a man when visiting a man or as a woman when visiting a woman, if doing so will make the people they visit more receptive to their message. Or, they may choose a certain gender according to whether a male or female presence will best communicate the type of message they have to deliver.

Even if some angels are actually always male or always female, how does God decide which genders to assign to which missions? It makes sense to me that God would choose on the basis of what would prove most effective for each mission: the best "man" or "woman" for the job.

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