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Good is Stronger Than Evil

By May 3, 2012

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Michael and SatanThe new article "How Does Archangel Michael Fight Satan During the End Times?" describes the famous Bible story about archangel Michael leading the triumph of good over evil at the end of the world.

Sometimes when I read bad news in reports from around this fallen world, I think about this ultimate battle, in which God finally eradicates evil by giving archangel Michael permission to put an end to Satan, whom the Bible says is now the prince of this world. Good is much more powerful than evil, and at the end of the world, good will finally defeat evil completely.

That gives us tremendous hope for our current struggles. Anytime we use our free will to choose good over evil, we're aligning ourselves with the winning side, and growing closer to God in the process.

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Photo public domain, from a stained glass window in a French church

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