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Got the Message?

By November 7, 2012

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When the angel Moroni began appearing to the prophet Joseph Smith (to give Smith the information that would eventually be translated and published as the Book of Mormon), Moroni repeated his entire message four times, Smith reported. Moroni went back and forth between heaven and Smith's bedroom three times during one night to repeat his message, and then visited Smith yet again the next day while Smith was outside on his family's farm.

It sure seems like it was very important to Moroni that Smith got the message. Not only did Moroni himself repeat the message, but after delivering it four times, he asked Smith to relay the message to his father.

Have you ever tried to convey a message that you believe is important, but weren't sure whether or not the people you were talking to were paying attention? (Parents and teachers, I know you understand what that's like.) Most likely, in that situation, you repeated yourself. If you had to repeat yourself several times, you may have gotten frustrated.

Angels feel emotions just like we do -- from joy and peace to sorrow and anger.So I wonder if Moroni felt frustrated when he was launching into his long message after already having communicated it several times before. I think Moroni must have been relieved when Smith finally got the message!

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