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Kind Strangers

By November 14, 2012

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We've all encountered people we didn't know who've helped us in moments of need, from giving us directions when we were lost to providing assistance if our cars broke down on the road. Often, those kind strangers are human beings who are trying to do what's right. But sometimes they're angels in disguise!

The Mormon faith has a rich tradition of stories involving angels known as the Three Nephites, who frequently show up in the form of kind strangers who help people with specific needs and then disappear. Something about how those kind strangers help out inspires the people they visit to believe they've met angels appearing in the form of humans.

Have you ever encountered a kind stranger whom you first thought was a person but later realized was an angel? What happened? Please consider sharing your story to inspire others by emailing it to me at: angels.guide@about.com to post on this site!

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