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Holy Mysteries

By December 11, 2012

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The article "Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Asking Questions" suggests different types of questions that you may find useful to ask your guardian angel. But it also cautions that our guardian angels likely won't answer every question we may ask.

As someone who loves learning, there's a plethora of questions I have for my guardian angel, and I wish that my angel would answer every one of them as part of the work of acting as God's messenger. But getting answers from an angel (and especially from God) isn't nearly as easy as getting answers from an online search engine.

We can get a false sense of power from all the information that's easily accessible to us online now, thinking that if we just ask the right questions, we'll be able to know all there is to know. Searching for answers to life's deepest questions, however, reveals that we can't really be omniscient. In the realm of spirituality and faith, holy mysteries exist: matters that we can't know, or comprehend, from our limited human perspective, because they're bigger than we are.

As frustrating as it can be to run up against the limits of my knowledge, I wouldn't want to dispense with holy mysteries. Those mysteries keep inspiring me to learn more about God and the angels -- and thankfully, there's always more to learn!

What questions have you asked your guardian angel lately? Has your angel answered, and if so, how? Leave your comments here on the blog, or visit our forum to discuss it!

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