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Words of Knowledge

By December 13, 2012

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Sometimes our guardian angels will communicate words to convey an important message to us. Whether we hear those words audibly or telepathically, there's no mistaking the clarity of the words that come from our guardian angels. They resonate in our souls in a special way.

Our angels can send us words of knowledge, designed to let us know something that goes beyond our limited human understanding. I'll never forget one time when I received some words of knowledge that helped me make an important decision I was facing. My husband and I were in the process of making the biggest purchase we'd ever made: our first home together. We'd looked at lots of different places, but were confused about which house we should choose and feared making a mistake that would be difficult and expensive to correct. So we began praying harder for the wisdom we needed to make the right choice.

Soon afterward, we visited a little yellow townhouse, and I distinctly remember hearing the words "This is it" confidently spoken into my mind while we stood on the front steps waiting for our real estate agent to open the door. Sure enough, that house was just right for us, and it did indeed become our first home together.

I'm not sure if the Holy Spirit or my guardian angel spoke the words, but they were strong words of knowledge that proved to be true. After hearing them, I felt peace and confidence that I didn't have before, and today when I remember them, I'm grateful for those three little words!

Has your guardian angel ever spoken some important words to you? What were they, and what did they mean in your life? Leave your comments here on the blog, or visit our forum to discuss it!

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