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Angels' Tears

By December 15, 2012

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One day a friend and I were praying together at our church about a difficult and hurtful situation. As we prayed, a sense of sorrow engulfed us.

But it wasn't just our own sadness about the situation; we actually felt and saw sorrow raining down on us. Bits of light that looked like tears began falling on us from the ceiling of the room where we were standing, and when they touched us we felt a tangible sense of sadness, compassion, and comfort mixed together.

I believe it was guardian angels letting us know that they felt the pain we expressed in prayer, and they cared as deeply about the sad situation as we did. It seemed as if the angels were actually crying about it.

The article "Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Feeling Messages" describes various different types of emotions that our guardian angels may send us during prayer or meditation -- from joy and peace, to sorrow and alarm.

Has your guardian angel ever sent you a message in the form of an emotion? What happened? Leave your comments here on the blog, or visit our forum to discuss it!

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