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An Invisible Embrace

By December 27, 2012

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After Cheryl, a former coworker of mine, heard the tragic news that her sister had passed away in a car accident, she cried out to God in prayer for comfort. Then, she told me, she distinctly felt the sensation of arms wrapping around her to embrace her in a hug -- yet she couldn't see anyone with her. Spiritually, she said, she somehow knew that it was her guardian angel who was hugging her.

That touch felt as real and strong as any person's touch, Cheryl recalled when she told me about it a few days later.

Sometimes our guardian angels will quite literally reach out of the spiritual dimension and into the physical one to touch us with their love. The article "Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Touch Messages" explores some of the ways your angel may send you a message that you can experience through your physical sense of touch, from a temperature change or breeze, to one of the stronger form of touch, such as the embrace that Cheryl experienced.

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