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Best Friends

By January 2, 2013

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Out of all God's creatures, the dog is often called "man's best friend" because of the many incredible (some say miraculous) ways that dogs help people. The new articles "Famous Miracle Dogs in History" and "Dogs Helping People: Service and Miracles" explore how God can work though dogs to miraculously enrich people's lives.

One of those ways is God sending the blessing of unconditional love into people's lives through dogs. I'll always treasure the unconditional love that my childhood dog, Mittens (a Yorkshire terrier), gave me while I was growing up.

Since I moved frequently after my parents divorced, I was often the "new kid" in my schools. That made it hard for a shy girl like me to make friends easily. But I could always count on my best friend Mittens to play with me and listen patiently to whatever I said to him.

I can consider the bond I shared with Mittens a miraculous one, because even though we had to go long stretches of time between seeing each other (Mittens lived with my grandmother after we moved to an apartment that didn't allow pets), whenever we got together we were so close that we could often sense each other's thoughts. Nothing could separate us from God's love that flowed freely between us.

Has God worked in your life in a miraculous way through a dog? If so, consider sharing your story to inspire others. Email me at angels@aboutguide.com with a few paragraphs about your miraculous experience with a dog.

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