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Metatron and the Building Blocks of Creation

By January 9, 2013

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My son loves to build with Lego blocks. Whenever he gets a new kit, he can put it together without even reading the instructions, and he often designs and builds his own impressive creations. Since my own spatial reasoning is weak, I marvel at the fact that a boy with a mother like me can be so talented at building. I can appreciate what my son builds all the more because I myself lack the skills to build things like what he does.

I'm completely awed by the shapes that God has put together in masterful ways to create the universe -- especially since I know how hard it can be simply to build something with toy blocks, and God's building projects are far beyond that. In sacred geometry, archangel Metatron supervises the flow of creative energy between the universe's geometric patterns. Metatron's Cube, which contains every shape that God has created, symbolizes that work.

Energy is constantly flowing both within us (our cells) and around us (throughout nature). So I'm grateful that Metatron and the angels who work with him are constantly working to try to keep it all in the right balance!

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