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Bus Stop Cat

By January 12, 2013

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All the stories of the different "Famous Miracle Cats in History" inspire me, but one in particular brings back great memories of a cat I loved while growing up. The story of how a cat named Room 8 miraculously showed up at a school in California, USA every single school day for 16 years to encourage children there reminded me of my cat Linda.

For two years (while I was in middle school), Linda faithfully kept up a routine that encouraged me. He (yes, Linda was a male cat, but I didn't realize that when I named him as a kitten and he didn't like any of the new names I tried to give him after I discovered that "she" was actually a he) walked with me from home to my school bus stop several blocks down the street in the mornings. In the afternoons, he would always be sitting there patiently waiting for me to get off the bus. Then we would walk back home together.

Linda showed up every afternoon I rode the bus home from school, and he was never even late! God worked through Linda to bless not only me, but every other student on my bus who saw him in the afternoons. We kids would get excited as soon as the bus driver turned down my street, pressing our faces to the windows to look for the familiar figure of a gray tabby cat sitting on the sidewalk in the distance. "There he is again!" we'd exclaim. Sometimes our bus driver would let the students who got off at later stops temporarily get off at mine so they could briefly pet Linda before getting back on the bus and continuing home.

When I went to high school closer to home, I no longer needed to ride a school bus there, so Linda's bus stop routine came to an end. But he remained a loving pet for years after that.

Through his faithful, loving presence, Linda communicated something to me about God's constant love. That miraculous lesson still resonates in my soul all these years later.

Has God worked in your life in a miraculous way through a cat? If so, consider sharing your story to inspire others. Email me at angels@aboutguide.com with a few paragraphs about your miraculous experience with a cat.

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