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I'll never forget a miracle I witnessed in a nursing home years ago, when I was a part of a group of college students who volunteered to bring therapy pets from a local animal rescue organization to visit residents on the weekends. That type of therapy work is just one of many ways that cats help people.

A lady named Beverly who had suffered a stroke hadn't spoken a word since the stroke occurred weeks before. A staff member told us before we went into her room that she wasn't expected to ever recover her ability to speak, so we would know not to attempt a conversation with her while visiting.

After I made eye contact with her and showed her the cat I was carrying, she gestured toward her lap, so I set the cat gently down there. She closed her eyes and petted the cat's fur back and forth for a few minutes as I sat listening to the vibrations of the cat's contented purring.

Then she opened her eyes and looked down at the cat, then back at me. "Good cat," she said suddenly and clearly. "Love this cat."

Miraculously, God had used the cat's love to help restore Beverly's ability to speak. She liked to joke with us on later visits that the incident was the opposite of a popular expression ("A cat got my tongue") that indicated someone wasn't talking. "That cat must have given me my tongue back!" she said later, laughing.

Has God worked in your life in a miraculous way through a cat? If so, consider sharing your story to inspire others. Email me at angels@aboutguide.com with a few paragraphs about your miraculous experience with a cat.

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