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Since a lot of cats live in my neighborhood, various outdoor cats pass through our yard every day and many peek inside our windows when our indoor cat, Liberty, is perched nearby. We have nicknames for many of the cats who visit us, and we've called one "Scaredy Cat" because it usually peeks in timidly and then, if we appear, looks afraid and runs away.

One day God delivered a message to me through Scaredy Cat. I had just finished praying for courage to take a career risk I sensed God was leading me to take. As I walked across our kitchen, I caught sight of Scaredy Cat walking across our backyard patio. She came up to our sliding glass door and peeked inside. Our eyes locked on each other and I waited for her to turn and run away as usual, but she didn't.

So I tapped my fingers on the glass to greet her, and she still remained calm. Finally, I opened the door and went outside to try to pet her -- and she allowed me to, for the first time ever.

Scaredy Cat was no longer scared! As I reflected on the experience, I realized that the cat's appearance right after I'd prayed for courage was God's way of telling me not to be a scaredy cat myself. I went ahead and took the risk, and later I was glad I did.

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