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Start With Something

By January 20, 2013

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The article about Archangel Raphael expressing the creative force of "Tiphareth" (beauty) on Kabbalah's Tree of Life describes that part of Raphael's work involves helping to restore creation to the beautiful state of being that God originally intended for it.

So Raphael champions environmentalism, and he's a great angel to turn to for help to do our part taking care of the Earth. Environmental issues can overwhelm us unless we get specific about ways we can each best help out. We risk doing nothing if we don't start with something, so it's important to pray for specific guidance about what to do for the environment. Raphael can guide us to figure out how God is calling us specifically to care for our planet -- from recycling to conserving energy -- so it becomes less polluted and more beautiful, as it was created to be!

On another note, I've just posted a new article about the Virgin Mary's apparition in Assiut, Egypt that believers say was miraculous. Hope you enjoy it; I'll feature Mary's apparitions and associated miracles in an upcoming series.

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