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Tuning Into God's Frequency

By January 22, 2013

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The article about how Archangel Raphael represents "Hod" (which means "glory") on the Tree of Life in Kabbalah describes how Raphael helps people discover more about God's glory by sending them inspiring thoughts.

Our minds are powerful, God-given tools that we can freely use for any purposes we like. Every moment that we're alive, we can choose which thoughts to tune into and which thoughts to tune out. The more we choose to seek and reflect on inspiration, the more we improve our ability to recognize and tune into thoughts coming from God and His angels, like Raphael. The thoughts broadcast on God's frequency are the best by far to listen to, since they contain the power to transform us from the inside out!

One of the ways I try to make sure that I'm tuning into the right thought frequency is to pray daily for the Holy Spirit to renew my mind. Often, I receive fresh inspiration after doing so, and I'm also less distracted by unimportant or unhealthy thoughts.

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