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Brazil Nightclub Fire: Survivor Speaks of Angel

By January 29, 2013

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Adreen Righi, one of the survivors of the horrific nightclub fire that recently killed about 230 people in Santa Maria, Brazil, says she was able to escape because "an angel saved my life."

That happened when someone she didn't know helped her as she was being trampled by people rushing for the club's exit. Somehow, the mysterious stranger pushed Righi outside the building that was filled with toxic smoke. Then, Righi said, she could finally breathe.

Now Righi is "very happy to be alive" but mourning the deaths of her friends.

News stories like this offer a glimmer of hope among despair, but I believe that we need to be careful about drawing any spiritual conclusions from it. God loves all people -- those who died, and those who survived -- equally. So why would God allow some to perish, and others to live? Why would God send angelic rescuers for some, yet not for others? The reasons have to do with God's different purposes for individual lives, and how it all fits together is beyond our limited human capacity to understand.

We may not understand, but we can help -- by praying for everyone touched by this tragedy, no matter what outcome they experienced.

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