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The article "Birds Helping People: Service and Miracles" explores the many ways that birds can miraculously help people. One of those ways is by serving as "reading buddies" for children who are learning to read.

Like other animals who work as reading buddies (such as dogs and cats), birds provide unconditional love that encourages kids and builds their confidence -- so the children can take the risks necessary to improve their reading skills. But unlike other animals, birds can do something more: talk with the people they're helping. Some birds (such as parrots and cockatiels) can learn to speak with people by mimicking human sounds and learning their meanings enough to carry on simple conversations.

I'll always remember the first time I met a bird who could actually talk back and forth with me. My 9-year-old self was amazed that the bird (the store pet of a store my mom frequented) could ask me questions and respond to what I said. I thought it was a miracle then, and now that I've learned the science behind how birds learn to talk, I don't think it's any less of a miracle then I did then. The science reveals God's miraculous design at work.

Researchers are now discovering that, not only can humans and birds enjoy conversations, but both species may learn to talk (and sing) in the same way. No wonder birds' songs resonate so deeply in our souls!

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