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Mindy McCready and 'Ten Thousand Angels'

By February 20, 2013

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In honor of the late country music singer Mindy McCready (who tragically committed suicide on Sunday), I've profiled her popular song 'Ten Thousand Angels.' It's a song I was planning to profile anyway (there are so many angel and miracle songs I plan to profile in the future; wish I had time to write them all at once!), but McCready's death moved me to get this song up on the site right away.

The song is essentially a prayer -- a single woman asks God to send 10,000 angels to help her resist the temptation of starting a romance with a guy to whom she's attracted, yet shouldn't date because she's knows he's bad for her. I don't if McCready prayed a similar prayer during her life, but she seemed to need help from angels herself to deal with the pain of romantic struggles. Just one month before McCready committed suicide, her latest boyfriend (and father of her youngest son) committed suicide.

Long before that, McCready had talked of fighting spiritual battles with demons who brought great pain into her life. Sometimes people use the word "demons" metaphorically to mean simply "struggles," but I'm among those who believe that demons are real spiritual beings -- fallen angels who work for evil purposes in people's lives.

Let's pray for the two sons that McCready left behind and remember this song's valuable message when facing temptations in our lives. We can always pray for help from angels, and I believe that God is always faithful to answer our prayers. But sometimes, we don't pray, or we don't like the answers that God gives us and decide to do our own thing instead. Still, God is merciful, and His love is bigger than any of our human mistakes.

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