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Peace With God

By February 24, 2013

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Doves have symbolized peace ever since a dove flew out of Noah's Ark searching for dry land brought back an olive branch (which signified that water from the flood God had brought upon the Earth in anger over sin had receded, just as God's anger with humanity had receded). Later in the Bible, the Holy Spirit manifested in the form of a dove at Jesus Christ's baptism to symbolize how humanity could enjoy peace with their Creator through Jesus.

The Holy Spirit still sometimes manifests as a dove in miraculous apparitions around the world, such as those involving Mary in Zeitoun and Assiut -- two places in Egypt.

In the stressful times in which we live, it's popular to talk about peace, and people search for it in many ways. Some say that peace can be found simply by taking time to relax, but I think it takes more than a nature hike, a bubble bath, or a soothing cup of herbal tea. Some say that good communication skills are guaranteed to solve conflicts and bring peace to our relationships with others, but that alone isn't enough.

I believe that the only way any of us can truly find peace is by pursuing peace with God.

When we're at peace with God, our lives change for the better in real and lasting ways. Our worries turn to trust, and we gain the perspective and empowerment we need to be at peace in any situation or relationship, regardless of the circumstances involved.

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