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Angels & Miracles October 2011 Archive


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Always More to Learn

Thursday October 27, 2011
Even though people have described temporarily leaving their bodies and entering a spiritual realm throughout recorded history, it has only been fairly recently -- in the 1970s -- that the ... Read More

The Ultimate Trip

Saturday October 22, 2011
One of the activities I most enjoy is traveling. Growing up, my mom took my sister Courtney and me on as many trips as she could afford, and I'm grateful ... Read More

Mood Music

Thursday October 20, 2011
The new article "How Do Angels Communicate Through Music?" looks at different ways that angels express themselves through music. Sometimes they use music to convey joyful emotions, such as when ... Read More

Your Thoughts are Showing

Tuesday October 18, 2011
Have you ever been thinking about someone right before that person calls you? Have you guessed what someone was going to tell you before he or she spoke the words? ... Read More

Everything Matters

Friday October 14, 2011
Do angels write down records of what we human beings think, say, and do? Some people believe that angels do just that. The new article "How Do Angels Write" looks ... Read More

When Angels Speak

Tuesday October 11, 2011
How do angels speak? I hope you'll read the new article about that this week. While hiking in the Grand Canyon about 20 years ago, I encountered a man who I ... Read More

Who is Under Your Wings?

Friday October 7, 2011
Angels and wings often go together like cake and ice cream in popular culture. It's rare to see a calendar photo, figurine, poster, or statue of an angel that doesn't ... Read More

Close to You

Tuesday October 4, 2011
Angel tattoos are quite popular, thanks in part to celebrities who sport depictions of angels as body art. But the practice of tattooing is a controversial one. Check out our ... Read More

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