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Will Angels Predict My Future Through Tarot Cards?


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Question: Will Angels Predict My Future Through Tarot Cards?

Who wouldn't look to know what the future holds? It's tempting to try to discover what's going to happen before it actually does -- or even to try to change the future before it occurs. Since God sometimes gives angels knowledge about the future, people sometimes ask angels to tell them what they know about what will happen in their lives.

A popular way to do that is by using tarot cards, an ancient system of 78 cards illustrated with symbols called archetypes that are designed to stimulate people's psychic abilities. Often, people who use tarot cards use them to communicate with angels about the future.

Some people say that tarot cards are a useful way to learn about and even influence the future with help from the angels. Others say that the practice is spiritually dangerous because it opens people up to being influenced by fallen angels who, unlike God, don't have people's best interests in mind.


Help to Make the Best Decisions

Those who use tarot cards to ask angels for information about the future believe that the guidance they receive inspires them to make the best decisions in the present -- and the informed choices that they make right now shape what their future will be like. Barbara Moore writes in her book What Tarot Can Do for You: Your Future in the Cards that using tarot cards affects the future in two ways: through fortune-telling and divination. About fortune-telling, Moore writes, "The tarot can clearly illustrate a situation, including aspects of which we are unaware." About divination, Moore writes, "The divine, however you conceive it, usually includes the higher power that can guide you to your best possible life. The act of divination allows you to tap into that divine wisdom and love, to ask questions of it, and to incorporate it into your decision-making process."

In her book Angels: Companions in Magick, Silver RavenWolf recommends asking your guardian angel for guidance before using tarot cards, to get the best results: "For angelic spreads, you will need a deck of cleansed, consecrated, and empowered tarot cards. … Since I've been working with the angels, I've found hidden meanings in the tarot cards, including who to contact for help in the angelic realms. I've also found that if I ask my guardian angel for assistance before any reading, my predictions and insights are more accurate."

Power Within You, Not in the Cards

Pyschic Chantal Lysette writes in her book The Angel Code: Your Interactive Guide to Angelic Communication that she had used angel tarot cards in her readings with clients but came to the conclusion that she didn’t really need the cards. Rather than a way to actually connect people with angels, Lysette writes, the cards were just "props" that reminded people to use their own God-given intuitive minds to communicate with angels about the future. "Since people who go to psychics often want to see cards laid out on a table and have their fortunes told, doing so can be a good business decision. But like a magician’s top hat, the cards are just props -- merely there for show. And so it is in your life, as well. The power is within you, not within whatever prop you may be using."

A Controversial Practice

Many people who believe in angels don't believe in using tarot cards to ask them about the future, because of warnings against such practices in major religious texts.

The Torah and the Bible both warn against divination in numerous places, such as the 19th chapter of Leviticus, which says "Do not practice divination or sorcery." (verse 26) and "Do not turn to mediums or seek out spiritists, for you will be defiled by them. I am the LORD your God." (verse 31).

Muslims also avoid divination, pointing to such passages as this one from the Hadith: "He is not one of us who believes in evil omens or talismans, who goes to a fortuneteller, or goes to a sorcerer. Whoever goes to a fortuneteller and believes in what he says has disbelieved in what has been revealed upon Muhammad." (Al-Bazzaar Hadith, narrated by Imran Ibn Husayn).

In their book Kingdom of the Occult, authors Walter Martin, Jill Martin Rische, and Kurt Van Gorden warn readers to stay away from tarot cards: "Tarot cards are common tools of the occult used by mediums and laypeople alike..." they write. "The person who becomes involved with tarot readings on any level is looking for a picture of the future. Whoever claims to be able to interpret the cards (very innocent looking on the surface) is saying in reality, 'I can tell you something about the future that you do not know.' They will point the unsuspecting toward their 'inner guide' and suggest that mind, soul, and spirit be opened to its direction."

The problem with that, they continue, is that it opens people up to being influenced by the evil side of the spiritual realm: "The danger of these spirit-guides cannot be overemphasized. ... Even though some occultists refer to their spirit-guide as their 'angel,' true angels from God do not minister in realms of darkness; therefore, a spirit-guide is a counterfeit who masquerades as 'an angel of light' (2 Cor. 11:14). The only guarantee someone involved with a spirit-guide has it that it will 'guide' him or her far from God."

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