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Christmas Angels Around the World: Belgium


Christmas around the world Belgium

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Question: Christmas Angels Around the World: Belgium

Here's a look at some Christmas angel traditions from Belgium...


In Belgium during the Christmas season, people hang angel and star ornaments from the ceilings of their homes to represent the light that filled the sky over Bethlehem on the first Christmas when angels announced that Jesus Christ had come to Earth and a bright star guided the Magi to find baby Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Belgians also decorate Christmas trees with angel ornaments.

The Belgian Christmas season begins on December 6th, when people there celebrate St. Nicholas Day, which honors the popular saint who is also known as Santa Claus. After going to church then, people often bake special Christmas desserts, including treats such as cookies made in the shape of angels.

Since Belgium produces gourmet chocolate, it's a popular custom to include chocolate candy in the shape of Christmas symbols -- such as angels -- in Belgian Advent calendars that people use to count down last 24 days until Christmas Eve.

Belgians also enjoy singing Christmas carols about angels and setting up nativity scenes that feature angel figurines.

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