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Christmas Angels Around the World: Norway


Christmas around the world Norway

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Question: Christmas Angels Around the World: Norway

Here's a look at some Christmas angel traditions from Norway...


In Norway during the Christmas season, children prepare bowls of porridge for a type of nature angel: a gnome called Nisse. A Norwegian folk legend says that Nisse may play tricks on children if they don't give him any Christmas porridge.

Norwegians enjoy decorating Christmas trees with angel ornaments, and they often cut down their own evergreen trees in Norway's forests to use as Christmas trees. When they exchange Christmas gifts with family and friends, they each take turns circling their Christmas tree as part of a gift-opening ritual.

People in Norway also enjoy decorating with nativity scenes featuring angel figurines and Christmas lights and candles that are reminiscent of the light with which angels filled the sky on the first Christmas in Bethlehem when they announced that Jesus Christ had come to Earth.

Norwegian Advent calendars often feature chocolate candy in the shape of angels. People open flaps on the calendars to count down the last 24 days until Christmas.

People bake Christmas bread that features a cross on it to ward off evil spirits, such as fallen angels.

Singing Christmas carols (many of which mention angels) is also a popular Christmas tradition in Norway.

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