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Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Clearing Away Distractions

How to Overcome Distractions to Focus on Communicating with Your Guardian Angel


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Before you begin contacting your guardian angel through prayer or meditation, it's important to clear away whatever distractions can interfere with the process of noticing the signs of your angel's presence with you and focusing on whatever messages your angel may choose to give you.

External Distractions

One of the best ways to clear distractions out of your environment is to choose a good time and place for communicating with your angel -- whenever and wherever you can best focus.

Solitude will improve your focus. Try to get away by yourself so you're not distracted by other people's demands on you while you're trying to contact your guardian angel.

A quiet atmosphere will also help you focus. Choose silence, natural sounds (such as bird calls while you're sitting in a park), or instrumental music (such as classical, new age, jazz, or ambient music) that aids your concentration.

Set aside any reminders of other tasks you have to do (such as piles of papers to process or a calendar of upcoming events) so you don't see them and won't be distracted by them.

Turn off your cell phone and any other electronic devices people can use to contact you while you're trying to meditate or pray, so incoming calls, emails, or texts won't grab your attention. Be sure to turn off anything else that can disturb a quiet atmosphere, as well, such as radios and televisions.

Internal Distractions

Take some time to quiet your mind before you begin praying or meditating. It will likely take a few minutes to get rid of mental clutter; just be patient and keep directing your thoughts toward God and your guardian angel until you sense that you're focused enough to begin.

If a recurring thought repeatedly distracts you, it can help to take a break to write the thought down. That can free you to temporarily forget about the distracting thought, since you know that you can remind yourself about it later, after you're done meditating or praying.

You can always ask God to help quiet your mind, as well, to prepare you to hear whatever your guardian angel may have to tell you.

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