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Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Overcoming Mental Blocks

How to Overcome Fear, Doubt, Stress, and Bitterness that Can Block Communication


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Even though you'd like to contact your guardian angel, you may also be hesitant to do so because of fear about what may happen, or you may have doubt, stress, or bitterness in your life that can interfere with clear communication between you and your guardian angel. It's important to remove such mental blocks from your thoughts before trying to contact your angel through meditation or prayer.


It makes sense to be careful whenever you try to contact angels, since many people believe that evil, fallen angels exist who can deceive people into thinking that they are actually holy angels. Just as you wouldn't leave the doors of your home unlocked because a person with bad intentions could enter, you wouldn't want to leave the doors of your soul unprotected, since by doing so you could invite a fallen angel (also known as a demon) into your presence.

But you don't need to be afraid if you take steps to protect yourself from fallen angels, and if you carefully direct your prayers and meditations only to the guardian angel or angels whom God has assigned to watch over you. You can also start by praying directly to God first, asking him to allow only holy angels to respond to you.

You may be afraid that you're too sinful for holy angels to communicate with you. If you feel guilty about something that you've done wrong, spend some time in prayer with God first, confessing your sins, repenting of them, and accepting the forgiveness that God offers you. Also, keep in mind that God and his angels love you unconditionally.


Perhaps you're skeptical that angels really exist, or that they truly answer prayers. If so, God already knows how you feel, so you don't need to try to hide it. Instead, simply ask God to give you enough faith to try prayer or meditation and then see what happens. Choose to believe that God and his angels will meet you where you are spiritually and help you grow from there.

If you doubt that your guardian angel won't care about communicating with you, remind yourself that guardian angels are by nature faithfully dedicated to serving human beings, and their love for people is great. While you may not always sense your guardian angel's presence when you meditate or pray, have faith that he or she is there for you and truly cares about you.


Since it's crucial to be able to relax when you're trying to concentrate on prayer or meditation, it's important to let go of the stress you may be feeling before trying to contact your guardian angel. Then you can focus well once you begin to communicate with your angel.

What types of activities relax you the most? Whatever works for you -- from listening to soothing music to taking a walk or a bath -- plan to do that before you pray or meditate.

You may also find it helpful to use deep breathing techniques to let go of stress.


Unresolved anger or a refusal to forgive people whom God wants you to forgive can cause bitterness to take root in your soul -- and bitterness can block any messages that your guardian angel may be trying to send you, because bitterness alienates you from God and the holy angels who serve as his messengers.

Decide to let go of bitterness and pray for God's help to do so. You can trust that your prayers to get rid of bitterness will always be answered.

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