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How Can I Use Crystals in Prayer?


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Question: How Can I Use Crystals in Prayer?

Some people find it valuable to use crystals as tools to help them better connect with God and his angels in prayer. That's because crystals contain energy that may help attract or magnify the energy that angels project.

Here's how you can use crystals in your own prayer time:


Choose a crystal that corresponds to the type of energy frequency within which the angels whom you want to contact work. Learn about the different types of angel light ray colors that represent the different energy frequencies in the article "What are Angel Colors?."

Since crystals store energy from whatever they have been in contact with previously, be sure to cleanse your crystal before using it in prayer. You can cleanse your crystal of any negative energy it may have previously accumulated by putting it into contact with a natural element, such as by setting it out in direct sunlight, burying it in soil, or rinsing it with water before using it as a prayer tool.

Be sure to keep in mind that crystals are only tools to help you better connect with angels at their energy frequencies; they’re not meant to be objects to use for trying to manipulate the universe. Don’t place your trust in crystals themselves. Instead, place your trust in the source of their energy: God, who created the crystals for you to use. Seek God’s will for your life, knowing that He loves you completely and wants only the best for you.

Hold or touch your crystal so that its energy is in physical contact with your body. That will enable the crystal’s energy to influence the molecular structure of your body, making it easier for you to perceive energy that attunes to the same vibration as your crystal. As a result, you may be able to more clearly connect with angels who work in the light ray that vibrates at the same frequency as your crystal.

While you’re in contact with your crystal, go to a quiet place where you can be alone and free of distractions. Then relax and spend some time meditating on God and the angels, and their love for you as well as your love for them.

When you’re ready, begin to pray to God or his angels about your concerns, either out loud or in your mind. Listen for whatever messages God and the angels may choose to send to you, and thank them for communicating with you!

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