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Who Was Saint Blaise (Patron Saint of Wild Animals)?


Saint Blaise
Photo by Wolfgang Sauber, of a church painting of Saint Blaise


Saint Blaise


Sometime in the 200s - 316 in Armenia

Feast Day:

February 3rd

Patron Saint Of:

Wild animals and people suffering from throat illnesses

Famous Miracles:

Persecuted for his Christian faith, Blaise fled from people who were seeking to kill him and went to live in a cave. Sick and wounded wild animals sought refuge in that cave and others nearby, and St. Blaise cared for many of the animals and miraculously healed some of their illnesses and injuries, people reported. St. Blaise also was said to have miraculously saved the life of a young boy who was choking to death on a fish bone.


Blaise was born into a wealthy family, but he considered the pursuit of spiritual riches more worthwhile than material riches. Blaise worked in the church and became the bishop of Sebasta (in Armenia) when he was still a young man.

During a wave of persecution against Christians, Blaise reportedly heard a message from God, calling him to go live in a cave where he could continue his ministry by helping the wild animals who surrounded it. Men who later were hunting in the area of the cave where Blaise was living discovered Blaise caring for many wild animals there. Since they recognized Blaise as a bishop, they arrested him.

Blaise was martyred for his faith under emperor Licinius' reign.

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