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Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Breathing

How to Use Your Breath to Help You Communicate Through Prayer and Meditation


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Your breath is your life force, since God creates all souls by breathing life into them. The word "inspiration," which people now use most often to refer to spiritual ideas, originally had to do with physical breathing; it comes from the Latin word "spirare," which means to breathe in.

Learning how to use your breathing well during prayer or meditation can help you communicate well with your guardian angel. That's because healthy breathing techniques can help you relieve stress and anxiety that can interfere with contacting your angel, and also help you concentrate so you can best discern what messages your angel may have for you.

Shallow breathing deprives the cells in your body of the oxygen they need to function well, and when you impair your cellular function, your brain doesn't process thoughts as well as it could if your cells were operating at their highest level. Deep breathing, however, helps oxygen flow well throughout your body, making it possible for your cells to function properly. As a result, you can feel more peaceful and think more clearly when you're praying or meditating.

Deep Breathing Methods

Before you start to contact your guardian angel, you can get your breathing into a healthier, deeper rhythm by trying one of several different techniques.

One method is to sit up straight and place one hand on your chest and the other on your abdomen, while inhaling and exhaling as much as you can and noticing if your abdomen expands when you're inhaling. When you're sure that you're breathing from your abdomen rather than just from your chest, you know that you're breathing deeply enough.

Another technique is to stretch your arms up high above your head to maximize the amount of room your lungs have to expand within your chest and practice breathing in that position until it becomes a pattern for you.

Yet another method is to slow down the pace of your breaths by inhaling air slowly through your nose, holding your breath for a few seconds, and then exhaling the air slowly through your mouth.

Exhale Stress and Inhale Peace

As you're praying or meditating, you can ask your guardian angel to use your breath as a tool for blessing by helping you exhale stress and inhale peace. When you exhale, visualize whatever is troubling you blowing away. When you inhale, visualize God's peace coming into your soul like a refreshing breeze.

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