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Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Recording the Messages You Receive

How to Record the Messages Your Angel Sends You During Prayer or Meditation


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During prayer or meditation, your guardian angel may communicate many different kinds of messages to you: from words (either written or spoken) and emotions to scents and physical touch. Anytime your angel chooses to respond to your requests for contact, your angel has something important to tell you.

So it's vital not only to pay attention, but also to record the messages your angel sends you. That way, you won't forget, and you can incorporate those angelic messages into your life to help you grow closer to God and reach your fullest potential. It's especially important to record any patterns you may notice in the messages your angel sends you, since patterns are clues to the messages' meanings. Here are some ways you can record messages from your guardian angel:

A Written Journal

A simple and easy way to record your angel's messages is to write them down in a journal that keep nearby, as soon as you're done praying or meditating. Later, you can review your notes to reflect on them more and consider how best to apply them to your life.

An Audio Recording

Making an audio recording immediately after you pray or meditate allows you to quickly preserve what your angel told you, since you can speak faster than you can write. Audio also allows you to capture sounds or music that you hear during prayer or meditation, as long as you remember to start recording before you contact your angel -- just in case your angel may send you an audible message.

A Video Recording

You can express your guardian's message in creative ways on video, from acting it out to showing symbols that relate to the message. If you record video during the time you spend contacting your angel, you may even get some footage that shows light or some other visible sign of your angel's presence with you.

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