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Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Visualizing Light

How to Communicate with Your Angel Through Light During Prayer or Meditation


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Since angels are beings of light, it's helpful to visualize your guardian angel manifesting through light when you contact him or her through prayer or meditation.

Angels' energy vibrates throughout the universe to frequencies that correspond to different colors of light rays, and guardian angels work within white light (which contains elements of all the different colors) because guardian angels don't have particular specialties like some other angels (such as archangels) do. Guardian angels respond to whatever needs arise in the lives of the people for whom they care.

Invite Your Guardian Angel to Enter Your Energy Field

Begin by closing your eyes and becoming aware of the energy field that surrounds your body, which is called your aura. Then wholeheartedly ask your guardian angel to visit you, coming close enough to merge his or her aura with your own energy. Visualize a ray of bright white light streaming down toward the top of your head, and then washing over your entire body, encasing you in an embrace of pure light.

If you're having trouble visualizing the light, you may want to light a candle before praying or meditating, and spend several minutes staring into the candle's flame to have the image of light fresh in your mind when you begin contacting your guardian angel.

After awhile, you may feel the energy of your guardian angel's presence with you, or even see flashes or outlines of light when you open your eyes. If you do sense that your guardian angel is visiting you, ask the angel to confirm his or her identity and move further along in the communication process.

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