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Contacting Your Guardian Angel: Word Messages

Messages of Words Your Guardian Angel May Send You During Prayer or Meditation


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After you contact your guardian angel through prayer or meditation, your angel may choose to communicate with you in the form of word messages. Sometimes you may sense those words as impressions within your mind, as part of your thoughts; at other times you may hear them audibly spoken out loud. Or, your guardian angel may lead you to write down some words through a process called automatic writing.

Thoughts in Your Mind

Your guardian angel may send you words as thoughts that make an impression in your mind. Those words can either have a symbolic meaning, or be a direct message of some kind. Sometimes your angel will send you just a single word or a brief phrase; at other times, your angel may talk with you telepathically (mind to mind) for a whole conversation like one you would have with a friend.

Spoken Audibly

Sometimes, you may hear your guardian angel's voice speaking some words out loud to you as you pray or meditate. Your angel may choose to speak audibly in order to get your attention about something that's especially important. It's a rare and special experience to physically hear your angel's voice.

Automatic Writing

Another method your angel may use to communicate word messages to you is sending them to you through writing. Your angel may respond to a process called automatic writing, in which you ask your angel questions and your angel then responds by directing you to write down whatever words he or she sends to you mentally. Then, after you're done, you can read what you've written to make sense of the entire message.

Reflect on the Meaning of the Words

No matter which method your guardian angel decides to deliver word messages to you, it's important to pay close attention to the words you he or she sends you, because those words have spiritual significance. Spend some time reflecting on the words you sense your angel communicating to discern what they mean to you, as well as how you can best incorporate their meaning into your life.

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