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'I Need a Miracle' Song by Third Day


I Need a Miracle Third Day

The band Third Day performing onstage

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Third Day


Mac Powell

Sample Lyrics:

Well no matter who you are and no matter what you’ve done/There will come a time when you can’t make it on your own/And in your hour of desperation/Know you’re not the only one, praying/Lord above, I need a miracle/I need a miracle

Miracle Connection:

'I Need a Miracle' describes people in desperate situations who pray for God to send them miracles.

The song was based on some true stories that fans had shared with Third Day band members of how God had miraculously helped them during times of desperate or urgent need. Among those stories was the one that most inspired the band to write the song: A senior citizen couple talked with band members after a concert to tell them that God had miraculously used one of their other songs -- 'Cry Out to Jesus' -- to save their son from committing suicide. Their son, who had struggled with addictions and depression, had driven his car deep into some woods, where he planned to kill himself. He turned on the radio for some music to comfort him while he carried out his plan to die. The song that was playing at that time ('Cry Out to Jesus') inspired the man to do just that. He began to pray about his desperation, and then miraculously found the peace he needed to stop his suicide plans. From that time on, the couple told Third Day band members, their son made miraculous progress with healing and overcoming his previous problems to live a new, healthy life.

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