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Miracles in Religious Texts

How do the texts of various world religions describe miracles? Find out here.
  1. Famous Saints (23)
  2. Miracles of Jesus Christ (45)

What is a Miracle?
What makes a miracle? Ultimately, you decide. Any unexplainable event that piques your curiosity and inspires your awe may be miraculous to you if you believe that a supernatural realm exists.

Miracles of the Gospels
Who is Jesus and what miracles has he performed? The Bible's four Gospel books (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) describe Jesus' miraculous ministry. Find out about it here!

Miracles of the Torah
The Torah describes the miracles of a living God at work in the world he has created. Find out about it here!

Miracles of the Qur’an
The Qur’an declares that its very text is a miracle because of the way in which it was delivered to the prophet Muhammad through Archangel Gabriel. Find out about it here!

Angels at Jesus Christ’s Resurrection on Easter
An angel announced Jesus Christ's resurrection as a miracle on the first Easter. Here's a look at the important role angels played that day...

What is the Christmas Story About the Magi and a Dream?
The visit from the Magi (also known as wise men) to baby Jesus is a famous part of the Christmas story. After they left Jesus, they chose a certain route to go back home because of a dream that some say was miraculous...

Does The Shroud of Turin Show Jesus Christ's Image, Or Is It a Forgery?
Is the Shroud of Turin the burial shroud of Jesus Christ, revealing the actual images of his face and body? Or is it just a clever forgery?

Did Statues of Hindu Gods Miraculously Consume Milk Offerings to Them?
When Hindu worshipers offered milk to statues of gods at temples throughout the world on September 21, 1995, the milk disappeared from the spoons. Did the gods miraculously drink the offerings?

How Did Francis of Assisi Begin the Christmas Nativity Scene Tradition?
People worldwide use nativity scenes to celebrate the miracles of Christmas. Learn the story of how Saint Francis of Assisi began this popular Christmas tradition!

What is the Hanukkah Miracle?
Hanukkah celebrates a miracle that lit up a temple long ago. When people remember that miracle today, it brings the light of inspiration into their lives. What is Hanukkah's miracle? Learn about it here.

What is 'Saint Patrick's Breastplate' Prayer?
Learn about Saint Patrick's famous prayer for spiritual protection...

What is the Easter Miracle of the Resurrection?
What is Easter? It's a Christian holiday that commemorates how God miraculously showed people the way to eternal life with him. On Easter, Jesus Christ's resurrection happened three days after he had died a sacrificial death on the cross to connect sinful people with a holy God.

Mary Magdalene and Angels at Easter
Mary Magdalene was the first person to see Jesus Christ on Easter after his resurrection. Here's what happened between Mary, angels, and Jesus at the empty tomb that day...

What is the Passover Miracle?
What is Passover? It's a Jewish holiday that commemorates how God miraculously helped the Hebrew people escape slavery in Egypt. On Passover, God sent an angel of death to point people to spiritual life.

Sacred Stones: The High Priest’s Breastplate Gems in the Bible and Torah
Today, some people use crystal stones as prayer tools when seeking miracles from God and his angels. But the practice is an ancient one. The Bible and Torah record how God himself instructed people to make a breastplate for a high priest that featured 12 different gemstones to use in prayer. Learn about it here!

Learning Triumphs: The Miraculous Story of the Book of Kells
People celebrate the Book of Kells (a collection of the four Gospel books of Bible, produced by Scottish and Irish monks) as the most beautiful handwritten and illustrated ancient manuscript in the world. But the story of the book's creation and preservation is even more beautiful -- and some call it miraculous...

Bible Angels: An Angel Rescues Daniel from a Den of Lions
The Bible and Torah story of how an angel rescues a faithful man named Daniel from a den of hungry lions is a famous miracle account of how God helps those who stand up for their convictions. Here's the story from Daniel 6:1-28, with commentary...

What is the Sacred Ganges River Dolphin?
Learn about the type of dolphin that Hindus consider sacred: the Ganges River dolphin (Platanista gangetica)...

Saint Brigid (also known as Saint Bridget), is a popular Irish saint who has...
Saint Brigid (also known as Saint Bridget), is a popular Irish saint who has inspired women with her leadership. Here's a look at Brigid's life and some of the miracles people say God performed through her...

Who Was Saint Columba?
Saint Columba became a patron saint of people who love books for his pivotal work creating ancient manuscripts that passed along the Gospel message. Here's a look at Columba's life and some of the miracles people say God performed through him...

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