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Saints are ordinary people through whom God has done the extraordinary work of performing miracles. During their lifetimes, they made mistakes like all people do, but it was their faith in God and their willingness to trust him that invited God to work miracles through them. Now, in heaven, saints pray for the people who pray to them for help with different issues in their lives, believers say. Learn here about famous saints and the miracles for which they're known!
  1. Patron Saints
  2. Miraculous Apparitions of Mary
  3. Saints Who Inspired Holidays
  4. Saints Known for Relationships with Angels
  1. Saints Associated with Animals
  2. Famous Female Saints
  3. Famous Male Saints

Patron Saints

patron saint of

These patron saints are faithful people who have died, gone to heaven, and now pray for people on Earth. Each patron saint specializes in helping people with particular types of concerns. Believers say that God regularly performs miracles through patron saints when people pray to them.

Miraculous Apparitions of Mary

Saint Mary

People often report encountering miraculous Marian apparitions around the world. Learn here about these spiritual appearances of Saint Mary (who is also known as the Virgin Mary), which have attracted the attention of people of all faiths and led to reports of many associated miracles.

Saints Who Inspired Holidays

saint holiday

The lives of these saints inspired people so much that they created holidays to honor them, and those holidays are still celebrated today. The word "holiday" is derived from "holy day" because the calendar dates for new holidays were based on when people remembered the lives of particular saints on dates that were known as holy days.

Saints Known for Relationships with Angels

guardian angels

These saints were especially close to angels and often spoke or wrote about angels.

Saints Associated with Animals

People associate these saints and their miracles with animals, from the pets they love to the wild creatures who inspire them.

Famous Female Saints

female saint

These women have become some of the most popular female saints.

Famous Male Saints

male saint

These men have become some of the most popular male saints.

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