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'Big Miracle' Movie


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A gray whale

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Asking Spiritual Questions:

Can people who feel small do something so big that it’s miraculous? When people set aside their differences to work together for a common cause, will miracles happen among them? The movie Big Miracle (2012, Universal Pictures) asks audiences those questions as it presents the story of a journalist and a Greenpeace volunteer who rally others to help save a family of whales trapped by ice off the coast of Alaska.

Famous Miracle Quotes:

Rachel: “You have whales in trouble and you didn’t call me?” Adam: “I didn’t call you because there’s nothing you can do.” Rachel: “There’s always something you can do!”

Boy: “People said they couldn’t be saved. But sometimes, even if you’re small, you can do big things.”

The Plot:

Journalist Adam Carlson (played by John Krasinski) wants to escape Alaska for a bigger news market, but then an incredible story breaks right where he is: a family of gray whales becomes trapped by ice that’s forming too quickly for them to swim free. If the whales don’t get help from humans soon, they’ll die. Adam reports on the story as other journalists from across the world descend on his small town.

When Greenpeace volunteer (and Adam’s former girlfriend) Rachel Kramer (played by Drew Barrymore) joins the growing effort to save the endangered whales, the couple must set aside their differences and learn to work together. They recruit a coalition of many other people -- from American and Russian military personnel to Inuit natives -- who must learn how to overcome their differences in order to help the whales.

The people who are focused on the miracle they hope to see happen for the whales discover that a big miracle is happening in their own lives, too. By working together to free the trapped whales, they free themselves from the negative attitudes and tension that had previously separated them. Miraculously, they emerge from working together with a new bond of peace and love between them.

Big Miracle is based on a true story that happened in the 1980s, when people joined forces to save trapped whales in an effort called Operation Breakthrough.

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