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What Are Marian Apparitions?


Marian Apparition
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Question: What Are Marian Apparitions?

Marian apparitions are miraculous visions of Mary (popularly known as Saint Mary or the Virgin Mary), who served as the mother of Jesus Christ during her life on Earth. Here's more about the apparitions:


People have reported seeing apparitions of Saint Mary (who is also known as the Virgin Mary, Mother of God, Our Lady of Sorrows, and Queen of Angels) worldwide and throughout the centuries since Mary’s earthly life (in which she served as the mother of Jesus Christ) ended. During the visions, witnesses have said, Mary often communicates a message, either by speaking in a human voice or telepathically, directly to the minds of everyone present. But sometimes, Mary remains silent, simply encouraging those who experience an apparition of her with the vision of her presence with them.

Miracles have been associated with some of Mary’s appearances, and a variety of religious and secular organizations have investigated the evidence of ongoing miracles occurring at certain sites. Millions of spiritual pilgrims visit each of the major sites of Mary’s apparitions every year, seeking miraculous healing and spiritual growth in their lives.

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