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Angel With a Fire Extinguisher

Reader Story by David R. Suiter


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I’m a retired nurse and medic, and I remember the day in the summer of 1970 when I was awakened at 2:30 a.m. by a load explosion and screams. I looked out the window to see a car standing against a telephone pole. The car was on fire, and a small group of people was standing around waiting to see if anyone was going to do anything about it.

A man was still in the burning car. He started screaming at the top of his lungs that his foot was stuck and he could not move.

My brother and I reached the car at about the same time. We looked at the people standing around and then at each other, wondering what to do. Then my brother immediately grabbed a large metal garbage can and smashed the rear window out. I jumped on the trunk and climbed through the window headfirst, grabbing the man’s foot from under the accelerator by removing his shoe. Then the man who had been trapped climbed over me and out the rear window.

As I made my exit through the flames, I could see a black man standing beside the car, spraying the motor compartment with a fire extinguisher. Our eyes met for a brief moment and he smiled at me and nodded his head.

Then I made my way out with the help on my brother and some bystanders, just as fire and police rescue workers arrived. I asked my brother and everyone there where the elderly black gentleman with the fire extinguisher had gone, and everyone said there had been no one there with a fire extinguisher. When I looked around for the fire extinguisher, I couldn’t find one present. It was then I realized what had happened. An angel had come to put out the fire from the explosion, so the man wouldn’t die from burns or smoke inhalation while he had been trapped inside the car. When the angel nodded at me, it was as if he was saying: "No one here will die today."

I thank God every day that angels watch over us.

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