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Special Delivery

Reader Story by Melissa Harron


guardian angel
Dana Neely / Stone Collection / Getty Images

I was in a labor and delivery hospital room giving birth to premature twins. They were almost 3 months early and it was a scary time. The room was filled with all kinds of doctors and nurses, and thankfully, my husband. I had a really great labor nurse who helped me through the pain of labor.

I remember resting through one of my contractions, and happened to look up and over my left shoulder. There sat a nurse with the most beautiful blue eyes and blond hair. She had a mask over her mouth, but I could tell by her eyes that she was smiling and reassuring me that everything was going to be okay.

After my boys were born and whisked to the NICU, I was in my room with my husband and we were talking about the delivery, etc. I said: “Did you see the nurse to my left? She was a great help to me.”

My husband said there was no one to my left, just the nurse to my right. I do believe in angels, and she was definitely there -- as a gift from God!

I am happy to report that my twin boys, Andrew and Mark, are now 14 years old and in great health. I wanted to honor God with their names, just as I did with their older brothers, Peter and Matthew. Life is lots of fun in my house in the land of boys!

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