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The Color of Angels

By November 5, 2011

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paint colorsThe metaphysical system of identifying different types of angels according to different colors is a fascinating one, and the new article "What Are Angel Colors?" explores what that system is and how people use it. During the coming weeks, I'll feature articles about each of the seven angel colors and what they mean.

Colors are rich in symbolism -- from the green that reminds us of nature, to the white that reminds us of purity. Colors carry so many symbolic meanings, in fact, that we can tell a lot about people just by finding out what colors they like best. Kids love to ask each other: "What's your favorite color?" to get to know each other soon after they meet. It's a fun way to learn more about someone.

Well, in case you're wondering, my favorite color is purple, because it symbolizes the rich wisdom that comes from faith, and it also makes me think about adventure. My second favorite is green, because it reminds me of nature, and I love to spend time outdoors when possible.

How about you? What colors do you like best, and why? What thoughts and feelings do your favorite colors elicit in you? It can be enlightening to consider those questions for yourself and other people, because the answers often reveal a person's values.

On another note, thanks to the readers who have recently sent in stories of angelic encounters or miracles in their lives. Check out:

* Guardian Angels at Work

* Special Delivery

* God's Love Found Me

* Running Beside Him

If you'd like to inspire others with a story of what God has been doing in your life through an angel or a miracle, just email it to me at: angels.guide@about.com and I'll look forward to reading it!

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