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The Invisible Becoming Visible

By December 17, 2012

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Just like the wind, angels themselves are usually invisible, but they can powerfully affect people in tangible ways. The tangible benefits that angels bring into people's lives include like love, encouragement, comfort, confidence, knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and rescue from danger.

We can often see how angels change our lives for the better. But we don't often actually see them, since they're spirits without bodies. Angels do show up in our physical world, however, when doing so is necessary to get their messages across to us.

So if you get a visual message from your guardian angel during prayer or meditation, it signifies something important. Even if your angel takes you by surprise, try to give your full attention to whatever visible signs you see and pray about them so you don't miss the meaning they're meant to convey. I sometimes see lights while I'm praying, and when I do, I ask for clarification about what they mean. God and the angels are always glad to make sure we get their messages clearly!

Have you seen visible signs of your guardian angel's presence, or even met your guardian angel face to face? What happened? Leave your comments here on the blog, visit our forum to discuss it, or email me at angels@aboutguide.com to post on our site to inspire others.

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