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In Your Dreams

By December 29, 2012

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Guardian angels often communicate messages to us in our dreams because we're particularly receptive to spiritual messages when we're relaxed and our minds are open to processing all of our thoughts.

I remember one night years ago when I prayed for guidance about a job search I was going through. My current job didn't seem right for me anymore and I felt confident that I needed to move on, but I wasn't sure where I should apply for the new job I sensed that God wanted me to start. After praying before going to sleep, I dreamed that I was working at the Salvation Army.

The next day I remembered the details of my dream but felt confused, since my professional field was writing and editing and I wasn't aware that the Salvation Army produced any publications. I knew about the Salvation Army's famous charity work, but that was all. Still, I couldn't shake the sense that I should call the Salvation Army about a job opening. So I pulled out a phone book (that tells you how long ago this was!) and looked at the phone numbers listed there for the Salvation Army, one of which indicated that the organization's national headquarters was in my local area. Upon learning that, I called and discovered that they published a well-regarded national magazine there, and they had a job opening for the first time in many years.

Did I get the job? Yes! It was a wonderful job, and it all started with a message that God gave me through a dream, most likely with my guardian angel as the messenger.

How has your guardian angel communicated with you through your dreams? Leave your comments here on the blog, visit our forum to discuss it, or email me at angels@aboutguide.com to post your story on our site to inspire others!

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