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How Does Angel Michael Represent Tiphareth (Beauty) on Kabbalah's Tree of Life?


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In Kabbalah, the Tree of Life illustrates how God and his angels are at work in the universe with creative power, including Tiphareth (beauty and harmony).

"Tree of Life" by Rodrigotebani, public domain
Question: How Does Angel Michael Represent Tiphareth (Beauty) on Kabbalah's Tree of Life?

On the Tree of Life in Kabbalah (also called "Qabala"), archangels Michael and Raphael work together to oversee the sephirot called "Tiphareth" (also known as "Tiferet"), which means beauty and harmony. Here's how Michael represents the quality of Tiphareth in the universe:


Beauty and Harmony Leading to Higher Consciousness

Michael represents the beauty that results from creation being in harmony with the Creator, leading people to tap into a higher consciousness, believers say.

"We call forth Archangel Michael to fully ignite, anchor, and activate the Sephiroth known as 'Tiphareth, or Beauty,' write Joshua David Stone and Janna Shelley Parker in their book Ascension Activation Meditations of the Spiritual Hierarchy: A Compilation. "As Archangel Michael does this now, we receive the vision and experience of the 'Perfect Harmony of God throughout Creation.'"

Penny Cohen writes in her book Personal Kabbalah: 32 Paths to Inner Peace and Life Purpose: "The archangel representing Tiferet is Michael, who is known to be ’like unto God.’ Michael is the chief of hosts. ... He brings courage for experiencing the spiritual life and following our own path."

Cohen later writes: "In Tiferet consciousness we are in touch with our self, our hearts are open, and we come from truth. We begin to open to higher consciousness and feel the connection to all that is, to the Absolute, and to beauty in life."

In her book Living the Qabalistic Tarot: Applying an Ancient Oracle to the Challenges of Modern Life, Amber Jayanti writes that, "Michael is the angel who hovers before the throne of the Most High and is, in fact, the intermediary between God/dess and humanity, or the 'Way to God.' This is depicted on the Tree of Life where Michael stands as the entrance to the sphere of Beauty, Tiphareth, the Christ Consciousness. ... what happens in our lives comes from the divine, the Higher Self, whose work is bringing the soul home."

Working Together With Archangel Raphael

Michael and archangel Raphael work together to represent the creative force called Tiphareth in the universe, with each of them representing different aspects of it. They also work together to represent another sephirot on the Tree of Life known as "Hod."

In her book Magic of Qabalah: Visions of the Tree of Life, Kala Trobe writes: "The traditional Archangel of Tiphareth is Raphael, but, as Lord of Fire, Michael also deserves acknowledgment at this juncture. Both of these Archangels rule over an aspect of Tiphareth, Raphael’s being the light-bringing, warmth-emitting, basic solar properties, and Michael’s relating to the spiritual manifestations and embodiments of these qualities."

John Bonner writes in his book Qabalah: A Magical Primer: "In many modern works the sphere of Tiphareth is given as Raphael, the 'Healing of God' ... However, it will be found in a number of earlier Qabalistic treatises that a quite different correspondence is given, for the Archangel Michael is also, with justification, attributed to Tiphareth. Michael is known as the 'Likeness of God' or the 'Perfect of God' ... Whereas Raphael’s function as a healer is undoubtedly apt for Tiphareth, his elemental attribution of air would tend to place him in the sphere of Hod which also has elements of the healing arts contained within its hermetic mysteries. ... Michael is a healer, but one who heals deep-seated disease and not surface wounds, which are the province of Raphael. Michael heals in the only true and lasting manner, holistically from within, by restoring balance and harmony to the diseased system, whereas Raphael concentrates his energies on binding together ruined flesh and protecting it from infection by outside agencies, a mode that is more appropriate the sphere of Hod."

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