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Did Statues of Hindu Gods Miraculously Consume Milk Offerings to Them?


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A statue of Lord Ganesha at the Birla Mandir temple in Jaipur, India

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Question: Did Statues of Hindu Gods Miraculously Consume Milk Offerings to Them?
When Hindu worshipers offered milk to statues of gods at temples throughout the world on September 21, 1995, the milk disappeared from the spoons they held up to the statues. The phenomenon happened again in 2006, 2008, and 2010. Did the gods miraculously consume the milk?

A man in New Delhi, India dreamed that Lord Ganesha (the Hindu god of success) craved milk, and after he woke up from his dream before dawn on September 21, 1995, he offered a spoonful of milk to a statue of Lord Ganesha at his local temple in southern New Delhi. Both the man and the Hindu priest who watched reported that the milk disappeared from the spoon. Throughout the day, the phenomenon spread to many other Hindu temples around the world. Worshipers reported statues of Lord Ganesha and other Hindu deities (such as Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati) apparently drinking milk in countries such as Canada, Italy, Dubai, Germany, Thailand, Kenya, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Trinidad, Denmark, Bangladesh, New Zealand, Nepal, Denmark, Mauritius, Australia, and the United States.

As news reports of the phenomenon spread, the World Hindu Council declared that a miracle was taking place. Sales of milk dramatically increased in some communities as people rushed to buy milk and take it to their local Hindu temple to offer it to statues there.

Scientists in India decided to investigate the matter. A team from India's Ministry of Science and Technology offered a spoonful of milk containing food coloring to a statue at a New Delhi temple and discovered that the milk disappeared from the spoon soon after they offered it, and then the colored milk coated the statue underneath the spot they had placed the spoon. The scientists attributed the phenomenon to capillary action, in which the milk's surface tension pulled it up from the spoon before gravity made it run down the statue.

Throughout the rest of the day, believers continued to crowd into Hindu temples worldwide to make milk offerings, and reported that the statues of the gods miraculously drank the milk. By the end of the day, however, the phenomenon had stopped. Neither scientists nor believers could explain why.

Statues of deities at Hindu temples appeared to miraculously drink milk once again on August 20-21, 2006, January 13-14, 2008, and September 21-23, 2010. The phenomenon occurred at fewer temples in these subsequent years than it did in 1995, with most of the reports coming from Hindu temples in India. As before, people couldn't explain why the phenomenon had suddenly started and then suddenly stopped.

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