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Dolphins as Divine Messengers: Animal Angels, Spirit Guides and Totems

How God May Send Messages to You Through Dolphins


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Throughout history, humans have shared closer bonds with dolphins than with any other type of aquatic animal. People are drawn to dolphins for their intelligence, compassion, and playfulness, and dolphins seem to be just as powerfully drawn to human beings as humans are to them.

God may choose to send people messages through dolphins if doing so will best communicate certain spiritual messages to them. This may happen when angels appear in the form of dolphins, when people see dolphins acting as spirit guides in dreams or visions, when God communicates a message through symbolic images (totems) of dolphins, or when ordinary dolphins simply inspire people in extraordinary ways.

If you're open to receiving spiritual messages through dolphins, here's how God may use them to send messages to you:

Angels Appearing as Dolphins

Since angels are purely spiritual beings who may physically appear in any form, they may appear as dolphins whenever doing so would best help them fulfill the missions God gives them to carry out on Earth.

In their book Ask Your Angels, Alma Daniel, Timothy Wyllie, and Andrew Ramer describe a famous archangel, Raphael, manifesting in the form of a dolphin. First, Raphael appeared as a man, and then changed to the image of a woman to demonstrate how angels can appear either as males or females. Then, they write, they asked Raphael: "if angels really look like people" and Raphael responded this way: "First, she melted down into a six-foot golden sphere, and then stretched out horizontally into a seven-foot golden, winged dolphin, floating about three feet above my bedroom floor. I understand that angels appear to each sentient being in its own form. Then, the dolphin melted back into the sphere again, which gradually became transparent."

Dolphins can also help people communicate better with heavenly angels, writes Doreen Virtue in her book Goddesses & Angels. She writes that dolphins emit energy that helps "clean and open" people’s chakras when they spend time with dolphins, enabling people to then communicate more clearly with angels.

Dolphins as Spirit Guides

Dolphins themselves may communicate messages from God directly to you, giving you some sort of spiritual guidance.

Hallie Deering writes in her book Light from the Angels: Angelic Technology Manifesting on Earth about a message she says she channeled from dolphins while meditating, inviting people to: "psychically cast your nets out into the sea and haul in a harvest of ideas ... Come and know us through deep meditation so you can truly relate to our lives and our unique perspective. Share yourselves with us as you look upon the world in a way that you have never seen before. Gain a different point of view and take the knowledge back to your people. Share with them all that you learn, all that you and we jointly hope to be -- for life is everlasting, and every moment is what we make of it. Together we can change this earthly life into something grand, something splendid, something that will resonate with balance and energy now and throughout all of the ages to come."

Dolphins as Symbolic Animal Totems

When God brings symbolic images of dolphins to your attention in order to convey a message to you, dolphins serve as totems in your life.

"The dolphin totem is one of exceptional consciousness with a great deal to teach us," writes Loren Cruden in her book The Spirit of Place: A Workbook for Sacred Alignment. "Dolphin can lead us to an understanding of how to live in harmony with the twin needs of individuality and cooperation. Dolphin carries balance, peace, joy, compassion, love, and power."

Dolphin totems represent joy and playfulness, write Millie Gemondo and Trish MacGregor in their book Animal Totems: The Power and Prophecy of Your Animal Guides: "When Dolphin swims into your life, then it’s time to add plenty of joy and playfulness into whatever you do. It may signal the beginning of a sexual relationship that is fun and playful above all else. It could also indicate that you should start volunteering for a charity, animal shelter, or some other service-oriented organization. You’re entering a more creative period of your life and now have the ability to realize your deepest desires."

Everyday Inspiration From Dolphins

God may also use your normal interactions with dolphins to inspire you spiritually and send you healing.

Dolphins often inspire us because they have many qualities that humans can appreciate well, write Gemondo and MacGregor in Animal Totems. Dolphins "display the very qualities that define human intelligence. They’re able to make decisions on the basis of information, just as we do. They demonstrate the ability to invent, plan ahead, to be creative, abilities man also has. They have a highly complex social structure, just as we do. Their capacity for sheer joy probably surpasses ours and their altruism undoubtedly surpasses man’s as well."

God can bring powerful healing into the lives of those who interact with dolphins, writes Virtue in Goddesses & Angels. She writes that people can experience healing from the process of entrainment with dolphins: "... entrainment is when our body rhythms (such as breath, brain waves, heartbeat, and so on) synchronize with outer rhythms such as blinking lights, other people’s breath or brainwave rates, or the dolphins' sonars. Our bodies track and match the core frequency and phase of periodic signals, such as rhythmic sounds, lights, or electrical pulses." Also, Virtue writes, listening to dolphin sounds can "trigger healthy, increased endorphin production and relaxation."

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